WQFG-689 1710 Khz Hudson County NJ

This is TIS/HAR station WQFG-689 1710 Khz in Hudson County NJ announcing technical difficulties.

10 comments on “WQFG-689 1710 Khz Hudson County NJ

  1. I’m picking it up right now on White Head Island, New Brunswick Canada on 1710 kHz. 03 Feb 2021 at 1123 Z with the same message.

  2. How do you QSL station WQFG689 in Hudson County. Heard them on 1710 Khz on car radio west end of the island of Montreal Good signal for 10 watts

    • That’s an excellent question. Awhile back someone compiled a list of TIS/HAR stations along with their addresses. I’ll see if I still have it and post it here. Thank you!

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